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ShoutWiki's Staff

ShoutWiki 員工是本網站的背後支持的人員。所有 ShoutWiki 員工會在所有維基上的 Special:ListUsers/staff 上顯示。您經由以下的電子郵件 support‐at‐ 聯繫 ShoutWiki 員工。ShoutWiki 員工居住在美國,澳大利亞,歐洲,美國以及世界其他地區。

Jack the…cat.

Kitten.png Jack Phoenix 引領整個客戶支援職員的團隊。他是一位 MediaWiki 軟體開發者而且在翻譯方面具有資深的經驗,他已經翻譯了多種 MediaWiki 的軟體。



Nicmavr avatar.jpg Nicmavr is known for his extensive background with Halopedia, his home wiki. He has moderate to extensive experience in HTML coding, basic wiki markup and IRC commands, and is also capable of running basic bot operations using pywikipediabot and AutoWikiBrowser.
Nicmavr is currently based in Cyprus, and speaks native English and fluent Greek.

DeviantSalens ShoutWiki Staff

DeviantSalens.png DeviantSalens speaks Norwegian natively, but he can speak other languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. This is an user who can use CSS, JavaScript, HTML and Wiki-code. He supports ShoutWiki's Spanish and Portuguese wikis. Also, he leads ShoutWiki's Spanish Hub.

You can contact him in English, Spanish or Portuguese.


Avatar-SamanthaNguyen.jpg SamanthaNguyen (also known as Samantha) works with MediaWiki software and web development. In her free time, she likes drawing and animating, as well as reading fictional books. She is also a local administrator on Brickipedia, has over five years of experience with wikis, and is an English native speaker.


Lcawte.jpg Lcawte is the Chief Technical Officer for ShoutWiki. He looks after our servers and tries to fix any bugs that come up with ShoutWiki so he is best to contact if you notice any problems with the site.


Blindfold hat.jpg Isarra is ShoutWiki's User Experience Designer and Uncyclopedia administrator. She has a computer science degree and currently lives in the United States.