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ShoutWiki's Technical Staff

ShoutWiki's technical staff are the people working on our MediaWiki software. If you need to report a bug, please do so on Bugzilla - the technical staff looks through those bug reports once a week before the code rollout. Like the Customer Support Team, technical staff also have full access to all wikis and they're shown on Special:ListUsers/staff on every wiki even though the technical staff doesn't need this access too often.

Alex the System Admin

80px Alex is the Director of Operations. He is an experienced System Administrator and has been working with wikis for nearly three years. He makes sure that all sites work and incorporates any fixes if something doesn't work. Due to Alex's intensive duties in and around ShoutWiki, he currently isn't participating in software development for the site.

Misza the programming machine

MiszaAvatar.png Misza (Mi-sha) is the leader of ShoutWiki's technical team. Likewise, he's a developer of MediaWiki (author of the AjaxLogin and Loldongs extensions, among others), pywikipediabot, a fluent programmer in a bunch of languages and ShoutWiki's chief technical officer (CTO). A native speaker of Polish.

Skizzerz the developer

SkizzerzAvatar.png Ryan Schmidt works in product development for ShoutWiki. He is a MediaWiki developer with SVN commit access. In addition to writing the majority of CreateWiki's frontend, he has written many MediaWiki extensions and some of MediaWiki's core features, such as the image whitelist. In addition, he also speaks a bit of German.

Contacting the technical staff[編輯]

If you need an extension activated for your wiki, please contact the Customer Support Team rather than the technical staff. You can email technical staff by writing to technical (a)